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         Guangzhou Q-max Cosmetics CO.,LTD is a professional OEM / ODM cosmetics enterprise in China integrating with research and development. Since its establishment, Q-max has always been committed to “implanting genes of development for potential brands, implanting chips of technology for excellent brands”. Since establishment of new self-build factory in 2009, Q-max has built two OEM/ODM factories in just 6 years, and is growing by leaps and bounds in OEM/ODM industry.

         Guangzhou Q-max works with Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine to set up an industry -university-research base, and form the mutual promotion and development of professions and industries relying on powerful teachers, scientific research, and achievements transformation, achieving the goal of “cooperation between schools and enterprises, win-win benefits between production and university”.

         Q-max and Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine team up for carrying out the project of application and development of herbal regimen cosmetics in “cell tissue engineering and molecular biology lab” presided over by Professor Xiao Yong Wei, which is dedicated to performing systematic research in Skin Informatics, Human Skin Physiology, Skin Absorption Kinetics, Anti-aging Science and Skin Tissue Engineering, among which, the dendrobe AQP project has been approved as the key scientific research project of Guangdong Province. At the same time, Q-max also cooperates with South Korean top cosmetics research institution in developing formula application to make sure the product research is at domestic advanced level, aiming to produce chips for prominent cosmetics brands in China.

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