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    School-enterprise cooperation
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    Guangzhou Q-MAX Cosmetics CO., LTD joins hands with Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine to set up an industry-university-research cooperation base. Relying on the faculty, scientific research and achievement transformation of the latter, Q-Max aims to realize mutual promotion between and joint development of specialties and the industry and finally achieve “school-enterprise cooperation and win-win production and study”.   

    Industry-university-research Cooperation Base of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine

    At the industry-university-research cooperation base of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, both parties have jointly constructed a herbal cosmetics research center of more than 1,000 m2.

    The research center is equipped with 10 formula engineers, including 5 senior formula engineers and 5 assist engineers, as well as 5 test clerks. Among these technicians, 3 persons have a master or above degree and 10 have a bachelor or above degree.

    The five senior formula engineers, including 1 Korean expert, have original views and mature cases respectively in such aspects as face cleansing, toning, lotion and cream, facial masks, and functional products. The 5 formula engineers are masters or bachelors of well-known institutions or have overseas working experience, including 1 Korean formula engineer. 

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