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    Production facility
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    ——Production Equipment Center

      Q-max biological factory: Covering an area of 20,000 m2, it is equipped with a dynamic

    Class 100,000 GMPC workshop of 5,000 m2, six 20 m long production lines, automatic bottle

    washing and drying machines, various automatic paste filling machines, automatic facial

    mask filling machines, automatic tube end-capping and filling machines, 3D packaging machines

    and an inspection center of 1,000 m2 with a Class-10,000 biological laboratory.

      Q-max cosmetics factory: Covering a floor area of 40 mu and a building area of 40,000 m2, 

    it is equipped with a standard GMPC workshop of 5,000 m2 at Phase I, a professional makeup 

    product workshop and six 20 m long production lines, and its daily capacity is 100,000 pieces 

    of cosmetics. 

    ——Products Center

      In the high-grade and elegant product gallery, various successful products we have elaborately 

    developed for customers over the years are displayed. You can find all you want here! 

    ——Quality Control Center

      Our high-standard modern quality control center is equipped with a perfect inspection system,

    multi-function biological microscopes, ultraviolet spectrophotometers, high-precision electronic analytical balances, rapid moisture meters, high-speed centrifuges, constant-temperature incubators

    and other analytical instruments and special research devices, where physical and chemical analysis 

    and detection, functional component detection, microbiological detection, product stability test and 

    other tests can be conducted.

    ——Health Control Center

      The high-grade sanitary condition control area established in accordance with international pharmaceutical standards and the high-grade sanitary control process set up according to 

    international standards ensure the sanitary quality and use safety of each cosmetics product.

    ——Production Control Center

          Raw materials, packing materials and                          Raw materials and production process 

          semi-finished products need to be                              are traceable 

          tested thoroughly  

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